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Indian Bangles:  Current Glass Bangle Trends
Build your own glass bangle bracelet set. Indian belly dance bangles in every style.
Indian bangles have been around for hundreds of years, but they are more fun and versatile than ever right now.  Indian metal bangles are common.  You can find metal bangles everywhere from the mall jewelry shops like Clair's to stores like Target.  These pretty metal bangles are great for little girls, but, hey, we're women.  We want the real thing, GLASS BANGLES... (read more...)

by Jody Rogers for Beachcombers Bazaar

Bangle Color Meanings

Red Energy/Love
Blue Tranquility/Wisdom
Purple Independence
Green Luck
Orange Success
Yellow Happiness
White New Beginning/Purity
Black Power/Strength
Silver Strength/Purity
Gold Fortune

Use this chart when getting a special gift.  Perhaps a green and white glass bangle set for a girl going off to college.  Blue and silver for a friend going through a difficult time.  Green and orange for your sister starting a new job.

by Jody Rogers
for Beachcombers Bazaar

Meanings, symbology, and other fun history...

Glass bangles and Indian bangles have had many interesting meanings and myths surrounding them over the years.  Lets have some fun exploring a couple, shall we?

Indian Bangles and the Honeymoon
Indian wedding preparations will often include a bride's best friend or sister helping her put on the smallest glass bangles possible.  Luxurious hand massages and scented oils are used to be able to put on bangles that otherwise would be too small.  The smaller the bangles around your wrist, the less likely they are to break.

Why all this work?  The saying goes that the honeymoon lasts until the last glass bangle breaks. 

Glass Bangles, Husbands, and Luck
Often you will see Indian women wearing huge armfuls of glass bangles, even while doing day-to-day chores.  It is said that bangles bring safety and luck to ones husband.  If a woman breaks glass bangles (especially a large amount of them) her husband is in danger.

With all that power a woman and her bangles wield, a husband better be on his best behavior if he knows what's good for him!  v
by Jody Rogers for Beachcombers Bazaar

Karwa Chuth celebration with women giving glass bangles for giftsKarwa Chuth Indian Celebration
This traditional Indian holiday is a celebration many Indian women participate in every year that honors their husbands and their god-sisters.

Many years ago before telephones, cars, and trains, when Indian women married, they went to live with their new husband and their in-laws.  This often meant leaving their friends and family far behind, leaving the girl without a confidant to talk to and help work out issues with her new family.  To ease this transition, during the marriage ceremony another bond was sanctified between the bride and another women who would become the bride's life long god-sister or god-friend.

The women would become sisters and best friends, giving the new bride a means to have someone close to confide her worries and hopes in privacy and confidence.  Karwa Chuth originally was a celebration of this relationship between women and the marriage that brought them together.  They would exchange gifts of food, glass bangles, henna, and bindi, and rejoice in each other's company along with the loving happy relationship between husband and wife.

The bride's in-laws would also give her gifts (glass bangles being a must) on this day to celebrate the good fortune of having a kind and loving daughter-in-law, and to show how much they love her. 

As the necessity of god-sisters has waned, the Karwa Chuth celebration has gravitated more towards celebrating the well-being, prosperity, and longevity of a woman's husband.  A day long fast, from sun up to sun down, and prayer accompany the tradition of gifts.  The fast comes from the Story of Queen Veeravati who both accidentally cursed and revived her husband with the help of Goddess Parvati.

For much more information on the Karwa Chuth celebration visit the official websitev

by Jody Rogers for Beachcombers Bazaar

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